Tuesday, November 10, 2009

World of Warcraft Realm Qualifiers Season 5

Realm Qualifier tournaments will qualify players for their Realm Championship. Each event will offer players the chance to earn a spot in the Realm Championship for the Realm in which they qualified. In addition to the main event, each Realm Qualifier will host Booster Draft Challenges as often as there are enough people to run a Draft!

As with Season 4, players will qualify based on Realm points rather than placing in top 4 of a Realm Qualifier. All players earn points based on their performance in the Realm Qualifier. A player will need to earn 10 points total throughout the season in a specific Realm in order to qualify for that Realm’s Championship. The point breakdown is as follows:

• 1st – 10 points
• 2nd – 10 points
• 3rd-4th – 6 points
• 5th-8th - 4 points
• 9th+ - 2 points

You can take part in the very first Season 5 Realm Qualifier at the Season 4 Championship on the 15 November 2009 at:

Harwood Room
University of Manchester
Sackville Street
M1 3NL


From November 28 to January 24, the events will be Scourgewar Sealed format. From January 30 to March 14, the events will be Constructed format. For more information about legality of cards for these formats, please see the World of Warcraft TCG Policy.*

The tournament will have Swiss rounds and playoffs based on the number of players in the tournament, according to UDE Tournament Policy. All matches are best two-of-three. Players may only play in the Realm Championship event in the Realm that they earned the correct number of Realm points in.


Prizes are subject to change. In addition to Booster Packs that will be awarded according to finish, top finished will also receive the following:

• Winner: Extended Art Hesriana

• Top 4: Extended Art Iravar

• Top 4: Series 2 Mage Class Deckbox
• Participation: The first 32 competitors to sign up will receive an Extended Art Dark Archon Farrum

Season 5 Booster Draft Challenge

At every Realm Qualifier event, Booster Draft Challenges will also be going on for the duration of the event. When eight players sign up for a Draft, the event will begin. New tournaments will be happening throughout the day, as often as there are enough players to run one.
Players will Draft using three packs of Scourgewar** after which they will play three rounds of single elimination, using best two-of-three matches.


• Top 2: Hatchet Totem Extended Art card, Booster Packs

• Top 4: Booster Packs

* The format for the Season 5 Realm Qualifiers at the Realm Championships is Constructed. Please note, this format is only for the Realm Qualifiers at the Season 4 Realm Championships.

** Drafts at the Season 4 Realm Championship will be Drums of War Block


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