Tuesday, November 10, 2009

World of Warcraft Miniatures Realm Chmpionship

The UK Realm Championship will take place on the 15 November 2009 at:

Harwood Room
University of Manchester
Sackville Street
M1 3NL

Anyone can play in the Realm Championship, and everyone who participates will receive an exclusive figure!


The Championship event will use the Constructed format. Players will play four rounds of Swiss before cutting to the Top 8. The Top 8 players will compete in single elimination rounds to determine a winner.

The format will be the King of the Hill scenario on the Tanaris map.Players will earn 4 VPs for a kill and 1 VP at the end of each game tick for a character that is on top of the central high ground.

Event Exclusive!

All competitors who enter the Realm Championship will receive a Deathwatcher miniature and character card! This is your last chance to get one of these promos, so don't miss your chance to grab one!

In addition to the exclusive Deathwatcher, the top player will receive a World of Warcraft Miniatures Game First Shot Mini. These are the first figures that are "off the line". They are unpainted and one of a kind (for each figure).


• 1st Place – 1,500Euro Travel voucher, Spectral Tiger Loot Card
• 2nd Place – iPod Touch, Spectral Tiger Loot Card
• 3-4th Place – Playstation 3, Spectral Tiger Loot Card
• 5-8th Place – El Pollo Grande Loot Card
• 9-16th Place – Uncommon Loot Card
• Top 32 - Realm Championship pins


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