Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Spongi Megabits Pack – Available 18th November

Bounce it, squish it, shape it and mould it! Spongi is the brand new mouldable dough that you can do almost anything with!

Spongi includes 6 individual refill packs available in 6 different colors to get you started with your own creations. Mix any of the 6 available colors (blue, red, green, purple, yellow and white) and you can make brand new funky colors that will blend rather than give a marble effect.

As announced in last month’s blog, there are already theme packs and accessory packs available and now you can get the Spongi Megabits Pack!

Every pack contains 8 different colors of Spongi and 48 plastic bits to make 8 characters! The theme of the Megabits Pack is Crazy Characters and you can always mix up the 48 bits to make your own crazy character so this is a product with endless creativity and fun!

The Spongi Megabits Pack is £19.99 will be available in Smyths Toys from 18th November with more retailers to be announced next month.


Upper Deck Fans