Friday, July 10, 2009

Latest TV Schedules

Huntik TV Series
Catch the latest adventures of Lok and his Seeker friends and their battle against the evil Organisation on Jetix, everyday! If you missed any, check out Citv from the 5th of September for re-runs of all of Season 1

Season 1
8pm - Mon-Fri

3:30pm – Sat & Sun Dinosaur King TV Series
Make sure you don’t miss out on the adventures of the D-Team as Max, Rex, and Zoe search for Dinosaur cards that have the power to bring dinosaurs from the past to life! However, the villainous Dr. Z and his Alpha Gang are after the Dinosaur cards too! Every episode is a race to collect more cards and ensure that they don't fall into the wrong hands. Whoever controls the cards controls the dinosaurs!

Season 1
10am, 10:30am & 4pm – Mon-Fri

7am, 4pm – Sat & Sun

Season 1
8:15am, 8:40am – Sat & Sun

Season 1
3:30pm Mon-Fri

*Check local press for latest broadcast details


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