Friday, July 10, 2009

UK Games Expo Review - 5-7th June 2009

Good Games, Good People, Good Times.

Around 2500 people came to the UK Games Expo in Birmingham play their favourite games and to try the many card games, miniatures games, board games and role-playing games on offer, with nearly 300 of them choosing to try out Upper Deck games for the first time!

Upper Deck was showcasing the World of Warcraft TCG, World of Warcraft Miniatures, Huntik and Dinosaur King, and even managed to find time to run some of the very popular WoW TCG Raids for players new to the game. Fortunately, most players weren’t put off by the Dalek invasion that took place over the weekend!

The UK Games Expo also hosted the first ever Huntik Regional Championship in the world, and after a close run tournament Jack Wong was crowned as the first ever Huntik Regional Champion.
All weekend visitors to the show voted for the UK Games Expo awards in a number of categories, and after a long weekend of voting, Huntik was crowned as Best Collectable Card Game, making it the 3rd year in a row that Upper Deck has walked away with the title! You can find full coverage of the show and more information and pictures on the UK Games Expo website.


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