Friday, July 10, 2009

Latest World of Warcraft TCG Releases

Fields of Honor Boosters – Available Now!

For what reason does a hero fight? Many battle for their pride, and even more quest for greed. Some seek revenge for the past, while others strive for a brighter future, either to take, to defend, or merely to survive in. A hero fights for many reasons, but one reason encompasses them all: having something to live for, or even die for. You must discover your own reasons for yourself, on the war-torn fields of honor.

The 9th World of Warcraft TCG booster brings brand new cards, and a brand new way to play! Battle with new Heroes, equip them with even more powerful abilities and fight alongside devastating Allies to prove your honor!

Along with the new abilities, allies and Heroes, Fields of Honour also brings new loot, and boy, if you like chickens, this is the set for you… The rare loot card in Fields of Honour is none other than ‘El Pollo Grande’, or ‘The Giant Chicken’. This super-fast, super-rare mount lets your sprint all over Azeroth clucking away to your hearts content!
The ultra-common loot card see’s a continuing party atmosphere within the WoW world. Following on from the party grenade in the previous set, the ‘Piñata’ card in Fields of Honour gives you a cute little ogre Piñata and it’s own tree to hang it from. Smash the piñata to bits to reveal some candy for you and your friends!

Finally, the super-common loot. Remember the ‘Footsteps of Illidan’ loot cards that gave you glowing green footsteps as you walked? Think a hippy version of that and you’re there! The ‘Path of Cenarius’ brings peace and love to all that follow you, as instead of glowing green footsteps, you’ve got bright colourful flowers!


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