Sunday, December 13, 2009

Huntik Holotome Tin

The Holotome is a very recognizable device from the Huntik Secrets and Seekers TV series. Now you will be able to buy your own special Huntik TCG Holotome Tin version. This product will feature an exclusive card desirable to the existing Huntik TCG fan while the Holotome Tin packaging will be enticing and recognizable to fans of the Huntik TV series.

Based on the action-packed animated TV series, the Huntik Trading Card Game takes the adventure to the next level as players can choose their favourite Seekers, amazing Titans, exciting missions and exotic locations right from the episodes!

The Holotome Tin will contain 4 booster packs from the first year of the Huntik Trading Card Game and will have 1 of 2 exclusive foil Hero cards including Caliban Ocean Warrior and Dante and Lok.


Upper Deck Fans