Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dinosaur King Dinotector Showdown Booster

Get ready for an amazing Dinosaur King adventure! The new Dinotector Showdown booster pack lets you follow Max and the D-Team as they travel through time to unlock the mysteries of the Cosmos Stones.

This colossal-size 100 card set features more than 50 new Dinosaur cards to collect, from the ferocious Black Dinosaurs to the new armor-plated Dinotector and Spectral Armor Dinosaurs.

Dinotector Showdown takes the Dinosaur King Trading Card Game to a whole new level - level 7! New level 7 Dinosaurs, with the most powerful effects ever, are ready to rampage into decks and shake up the game. The biggest expansion yet, Dinotector Showdown has something for every Dinosaur fan.

Key product points:
• 100 card set
• Over 50 different Dinosaurs, and 10 eye-popping new Colossal Rare cards
• Features cards from Dinosaur King TV show Season 2 – now showing on DisneyXD
• Every pack has a foil card
• Stronger cards with level 7 Dinosaurs and more powerful Super Move cards
• New Dinotector and Spectral Armor cards to equip the Dinosaurs
• New cards of all the main Characters and Dinosaurs from the Dinosaur King TV show, including Max, Chomp, Terry and the villainous new Space Pirates

Product Contents:
• 9 Game cards

It is a not to be missed booster set so look out for the new Dinotector Showdown Booster Pack available now in Asda catalogue and Asda online as well as hobby and independent retailers.


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