Saturday, October 10, 2009

Scourgewar Sneak Preview – Coming Soon!

Scourgewar Sneak Preview events are taking place around the world on November 21-22! This is your chance to see the next World of Warcraft Trading Card Game expansion before it’s officially released on November 24! Not only will you get a chance to try the new set in Limited events, but you’ll also be able to win some exciting prizes like deck boxes, playmats, Extended Art promos, and Scourgewar booster packs.

Format: Players will receive six packs of Scourgewar with which they will build a 30-card-minimum deck to use in the event. Prizes will be awarded to top finishers along with some lucky door prize winners!


Here are some of the exciting prizes being handed out at the event.


Don’t miss out on your chance of these great prizes and a first look at the new release. Find your nearest Sneak Preview store below!

Scourgewar Sneak Preview
Store/Organiser City Email
AJ Games Club Kirkcaldy
Chimera Ripley
Chimera Beeston
Comic Culture Lincoln
Fanboy3 Manchester
Game Arena Wigan
Gamerz Events Hockley
Highlander Games Dundee
Intrepidations Perth
Jumanji Bath
Kingdom of Adventure Kirkcaldy
Marquee Models Harlow
Patriot Games Huddersfield Huddersfield
Patriot Games Sheffield Sheffield
Phoenix Games Leicester
Rockbottom Toys Southampton
Runik Games Ipswich Ipswich
Shadowgames Milton Keynes
Spellbound Games Glasgow
Swansea Card Club Swansea
The Games Shop - Aldershot Aldershot
The Gaming Crypt Altrincham
The Player's Club Slough
The Rift Peterborough
Travelling Man Leeds Leeds
Unearthed Games and Cards Middlesborough
University of Birmingham TCG Society Birmingham
Witch Engine Yeovil


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