Saturday, October 10, 2009

Brand New WoW Battlegrounds - Ongoing

The World of Warcraft TCG Battlegrounds program is the best way to find a game at the local level. Every month players will compete to become their store’s Battleground Master, seeking Extended Art and Token riches and the ultimate goal of the Battleground Master’s exclusive playmat!

Battlegrounds are the first step in participating in World of Warcraft TCG Organized Play. It's a great way to find a game and participate in your local gaming community. Every week, top finishers will receive exclusive Extended Art Cards that they can't find anywhere else, with the winner also walking away with a new Series 2 Paladin deck box! Even if you aren't lucky enough to walk away with first or second place, everyone walks away with at least one exclusive Extended Art Card.

If you thought that was all that is up for grabs, you’re in for a great treat! Starting right now, every player will be able to compete for the title of Battleground Master, completing achievements in the hunt to be the player to accomplish a Feat of Strength like no other! Is your Troll only deck your pride and joy? Well winning with it now will help you earn achievement points en-route to the incredible Battleground Master playmat exclusive to the player that has earned the most achievement points each month. Defeat your opponent only with abilities or with a deck containing cards from only a single set amongst other achievements, or bring along your friends for more achievement points than you can shake a stick at to win this fabulous new playmat.

Players earn achievements by completing the tasks that are listed on the Player Achievement card. Each achievement can be completely only once per kit cycle, unless noted otherwise. The Player Achievement cards are kept at the store. Each time players come into the store, they retrieve the card from the store and then can get to earning achievement points. The points are tallied and kept on the Point Tracking poster. Players are able to see where they stack up against other players at their local store. A Battlegrounds Kit cycle lasts for four weeks. At the end of the four weeks, a Battleground Master is crowned and the following week a new kit cycle starts. Each kit has new achievements. Achievements can be earned at any time two players would like to play, they are not limited to only being earned during Battlegrounds tournaments.

With the new Battleground format comes a new way to earn Badges of Justice! For every 200 achievement points you earn in-store, you’ll receive a Badge of Justice and one of the new Tokens now available from your own store. Starting this month you can get your hands on a Pandaren Token.

In addition to the other great prizes that players can earn, Badges of Justice will be given out for every 200 achievement points earned, in addition to the new token card! Save up the badges and redeem them for one of the four exclusive cards below, and stay tuned for 4 new cards will be released with each new set!
• A Badge of Justice may be used in place of a Primal Nether for purposes of the Crafting Redemption Program.
• Three Badges of Justice can be redeemed for one of the promo cards below.

For information on how to redeem Badges of Justice, visit the Crafting Redemption Page. All procedures and restrictions that apply to the Crafting Redemption Program are also applicable to Badge Redemption.

Remember, Battlegrounds events run every week, giving you a regular time and place to meet and play against other WoW TCG players in your neighborhood. For dates and times of Battlegrounds events in your area, contact your local store from the list below.

Store/Organiser City Email Telephone
AJ Games Club Kirkcaldy 01592 722 497
Antics Plymouth Plymouth 01752 221 851
Black Lion Games Edinburgh 07813 176290
Chimera Ripley 01773 747849
Chimera Beeston  
Comic Culture Lincoln 07753 858836
Fanboy3 Manchester 0161 2477735
Game Arena Wigan 01942 518516
Grinning Demon Cards Maidstone 01622 681041
Highlander Games Dundee 01382 666315
House of Heroes Loughborough 07875 566995
Jumanji Bath 01225 314 030
Manaleak Worcester  01945 745032
Marquee Models Harlow 01279 423334
Merlins Vault Dorchester,uk  
Patriot Games Huddersfield 01484 511019
Patriot Games Sheffield 0114 2731 762
Phoenix Games Leicester 01162 515003
Rockbottom Toys Southampton 02380 633947
Runik Games Bury St. Edmunds 01284 719607
Runik Games Ipswich 01473 400655
Shadowgames Milton Keynes 07979 478477
Shrewsbury WoW Shrewsbury 07800 521642
Spellbound Games Glasgow 07917 610804
Swansea Card Club Swansea 01792 539577
The Games Shop Aldershot 07795 263428
The Gaming Crypt Altrincham 07770 952075
The Player's Club Slough 07957 658596
The Rift Pterborough 01733 341007
Travelling Man Leeds 0113 2427227
Unearthed Games and Cards Middlesborough 01642 248889
University of Birmingham TCG Society Birmingham 07863 338730
Witch Engine Yeovil 01935 427077

If you are interested in running Battleground events or you wish for your local games store to start running tournaments please email us at


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