Monday, May 18, 2009

WoW TCG - Fields of Honor Loot Revealed!

Path of Cenarius

Path of Illidan isn’t for everybody. What if you roleplay as lawful good? You wouldn’t scorch the ground with demon fire! Your Druid certainly wouldn’t do that to the land! The good guys can notch a win with Path of Cenarius. The consumable and ultra-common loot of the set allows your character to spread warmth, cheer, and growth to the land- certainly something desperately needed in the barren wastelands of Northrend. Stand up to Arthas with flower power!


Here is ultimate party animal in World of Warcraft and the uncommon loot card in the set- the loot piñata. Long-running jokes of Grobbulus and other bosses aside, your character can set up this Ogre Piñata on it’s own little portable tree anywhere and let loose. Use magic or melee- just attack it until it blows up! It explodes and rains candy gumballs, and eating the gumballs will buff your character so that it chews gum and blows bubbles. It’s Halloween every day with Piñata!

El Pollo Grande

“Death to Stormwind! Death by chicken!” shouts Niby the Almighty. Expecting a blazing Infernal but summoning El Pollo Grande, the Felwood warlock prepares for his revenge. Unlike Niby, you want to crack El Pollo Grande. You need it. Why? The short: your MMO character will ride a rooster- a giant, Magic Rooster.


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