Thursday, May 14, 2009

Latest Tips

Play cards that work together!

Many Huntik Seekers make the mistake of trying to just play their best cards together. What you really have to do is to play with your cards that work together! Dante Vale and Hyperstride are both very good cards but when you use them together you get an even better effect! Other cards that work like this are Zhalia Moon and Spidertouch and Klaus with Strikemode

Get back to work!

One of my favourite cards in Seekers and Secrets is the Evil card Get back to Work! Get back to work is a Free Action card that allows you to ready a minor hero and if the card is in your discard pile you can put it and 4 other cards to the bottom of your deck to use it again! If you use heroes such as Derenzar and Akmen-Meo to fill up your discard pile with other cards you will be able to use Get back to work twice! It's like having two cards in one.

Defeat Gigantic Heroes

Heroes like Caliban and Iron Monkey have huge Attack and Defense! It's very hard to fight these heroes without losing some of yours as well and not be able to best in combat without tricks up your sleeves. One strategy to deal with them is to use Action Cards to either Stun or KO problematic heroes instead. Cards like Quick Strike will KO any enemy and cards like Augerfrost and Flashbulb will stun them, taking them out of the picture for the round.


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