Saturday, January 10, 2009

Latest Yu-Gi-Oh! Releases!

Duelist Pack Yusei – Available 27th January 2009

Yusei Fudo is the star of the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s TV show, so what could be more fitting than introducing you to his awesome cards with the brand new Duelist Pack Yusei before the TV show hits the UK!

Yusei loves his Synchro monsters, so if you’re after high-level Synchros, this is the set for you! Each Duelist Pack contains 5 cards and a strategy card to give you ideas on how to top your opponent’s moves – collect them all to become a Duel master!

With 30 cards to collect, including 5 new cards and key monsters such as Turbo Warrior, Junk Warrior and Stardust Dragon, you’ll have no problems boosting your deck and crushing your opponent’s monsters!

The Duelist Pack Yusei will be available from the 27th of January 2009 in all good hobby and game stores, as well as your local Argos – so take your chance to get hold of the hottest Duelist’s cards when they hit shops!

Crimson Crisis Boosters – Available 17th February 2009

The assault is on! Transform your existing Synchro Monsters to Assault Mode, giving them incredible attack points and potent new effects! Tune up your Psychic and Plant decks, battle with the new Blackwing monsters or use the Assault Mode Activate trap card to make powerful monsters even stronger!

The 100-card Crimson Crisis set introduces new themes, new monsters and devastating new spell and trap cards, as well as a new holographic Ghost Rare! It brings all new Alien cards, first introduced in Power of the Duelist, letting you combine these with cards from Crimson Crisis to create a super powerful Alien deck!

As usual, each booster pack contains 9 cards, including at least one rare. We’ll have more details about the cards in Crimson Crisis next issue, but be sure to pick up your booster packs from Argos and all good hobby stores from the 17th of February!


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