Saturday, January 10, 2009

Latest World of Warcraft Releases

World of Warcraft Miniatures – Deluxe Starter– Available Now!

The latest addition to the WoW Minis game is now available – the Deluxe Starter Deck! A great purchase for existing or new WoW Mini players, the Deluxe Starter includes everything you need to get going in the WoW Minis world!

This action-packed set gives you 6 miniatures, 6 character cards, faction-themed dice, a deluxe game board and 6 UBases to clip your miniatures into!

As well as all these goodies, you’ll also get a random Loot card to redeem in the World of Warcraft online game, will there be a Spectral Tiger in yours? Pick the Deluxe Starter up from your local hobby store now!


Upper Deck Fans