Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Other Product Releases

Dinosaur King TCG – Out 28th October!

Following last month’s preview of the Dinosaur King TCG Starter Deck and Boosters, we’ve got the full update on this cool new product to bring you up to speed before the product hits the shelf!

The Starter Deck will contain 40 cards, including a over-sized card of a character
from the hit 4Kids TV show. You also get a free booster with the Starter Deck along with a guide on how to play and a game mat to get you started!

The booster packs contain 9 cards, including 1 rare card in every pack. Keep your eyes peeled for the ‘Colossal’ rare cards with super-strength powers! There’s over 150 cards to collect, featuring all your favourite characters and dinosaurs from the TV show! You can also learn some cool dino facts so look out for the brand new Dinosaur King Starter Deck and Boosters, available from the 28th of October at Argos!

FTChamps - Perfect for your Christmas List!

The nano FTChamps football figures are now available! Get hold of world-class
players like Messi, Rooney and Ronaldo, build your own Dream Team and play them as you want to!

The 10 and 22 Player Packs are the perfect way to build your collection and get some of the rarest players! Both come complete with goals, a pitch, balls and player bases for you to slot your players into. Pick your best 11 players (or 5 if
you've got the 10 Pack), and create your own Dream Team Derby!

You can buy the 10 and 22 Player Packs direct from the www.FTChampsUK.com website now, so be sure to put them on your Christmas list!


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