Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Latest World of Warcraft Releases!

Drums of War Starter and Boosters – Out 28th October!

With the Drums of War beating louder than ever, it’s almost time for the 7th addition to the World of Warcraft TCG! More heroes, more allies, more equipment, and more loot – Drums of War is shaping up to be a big hit with all you WoW fans out there!

Drums of War is also the first release to come with it’s very own PvP deck, meaning you and your friends can pick up a deck and learn to play with the latest cards! The Starter Deck includes 2 decks - one alliance themed and one horde themed so you can battle just like you would in the online MMO! There’s also a chance of getting a rare Loot™ card in these decks, details of them below!

Which faction will you side with?

Once you have the Starter Deck you can
boost the power and playability of your deck with the Drums of War boosters released at the same time. With new heroes to battle with, more equipment to give you the upper-hand in battle, and new quests, there are loads of new challenges to take on!

As always, the latest set has 3 new loot cards for y
ou to find and use in the WoW MMO and we can now reveal the loot available……

The Red Bearon loot card - the pinnacle of loot cards and introduces another ferocious mount to complement the Spectral Tiger found in Fires of Outlands boosters! This powerful bear can be ridden around the WoW MMO world, and will be available in both a normal and epic form! This is without doubt one of the hottest loot card
s in this set!

The next loot card, the un-common loot card, will be a victory flag, the ‘Flag of Ownership’, which allows you to plunge the flag of victory into your opponent’s corpse and pose next to

Finally, the common loot card gives you a stack of party g
renades. Lob them at your friends and foes, and watch as they dance surrounded by confetti and streamers!

World of Warcraft Miniatures – Available from the 18th November!

For the first time, re-create the WoW online experience in a 3D miniature game! With over 70 highly-detailed and masterfully painted miniatures to collect, you can battle and raid with your friends just like the MMO! Can’t wait to get these?? You can experience this brand new game before it launches and get a FREE miniatures sample at the London MCM Expo event on 25th and 26th Oct.

Look out for the full low down on this brand new product in next month’s issue – we know you won’t be disappointed!


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