Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Battles of the Venues – November 22nd 2008

Bring your Team! Build your community!

On Saturday November 22nd , House of Heroes will be hosting this year’s Battle of the Venues event. Held over one day only at Loughborough University, Battle of the Venues is a competition to see who has the best store, club or gaming society in the country.

2008 will be the first year that the Battle of the Venues tournament will be extended to include World of Warcraft and VS System, so now’s your chance to bring back some glory for your local store!

Both Games will have a full tournament that will be fun for all level of players. After final results for each tournament and the overall champion is named, the venue or gaming group with the 4 highest placing players will be awarded the Battle of the Venues trophy for that tournament, and each will win additional prizes.

The Battle of the Venues trophy will have winning players’ names added to the trophy’s base and they will be able to keep the trophy for that year as well as the all important bragging rights of best team in the country!

For more information on the event please email House of Heroes on hohcomics@googlemail.com


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