Monday, September 8, 2008

Latest Yu-Gi-Oh! Releases

Duelist Genesis Boosters – Out Now!

The first Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s booster is now out and it is going down a storm!

With 100 cards, a new monster type, and more Synchro and Tuner monsters to boost your deck, Duelist Genesis boosters are brilliant for building a competitive deck!

Test out the new Psychic-type monsters, which let you sacrifice life-points for massive advantages on the field, and collect newTuner monsters like ‘Krebon’, letting you Synchro-summon huge monsters to destroy your opponent!

The Duelist Genesis boosters are out now and tournament legal!

Get them from Argos and all good hobby stores – play time is over, it’s time to duel!

Zombie World Structure Deck – Out 21st October!

The Zombie World takes structure decks in a whole new direction, with the key factor being a spell card! The Zombie World spell card gives you the power to turn all monsters on the field into Zombies, giving you power over them all!

As well as brand new Zombie monsters, you can get rare-to-find cards like Magical Stone Excavation and Soul Taker, perfect for mixing up with your new Zombie cards, as well as the Synchro and Tuner monsters!

You get 39 cards, a rulebook, exclusive gamemat, and best of all, the Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon ultra-rare card!

You’ll be able to get the Zombie World structure deck from the 21st of October, so be sure to get down to your local hobby store and grab one!


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