Thursday, July 10, 2008

Latest Yu-Gi-Oh! Releases!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Retro Pack – Out Now!

The Retro Packs are now available, and the demand has already reached fever pitch! Duel with all your favourite classic Yu-Gi-Oh! monster, spell and trap cards, and get hold of rare cards like ‘Solemn Judgement’, ‘Raigeki’ and the entire Exodia set!!

This huge 100 card set has all your fondly-remembered cards from the 1st three Yu-Gi-Oh! boosters, and is the only way to get hold of them! It also includes Shonen Jump promo cards which you've not been able to get hold of here in the UK!

This is a great chance to get the cards that made Yu-Gi-Oh! history, so be sure to collect them all!

Premium Pack 2 – Out 29th July!

20 never-before-available cards, with every one a rare….that’s the brand new Premium Pack 2!

Boost the rarity of your deck and add destructive new Elemental Hero monsters, tricky traps, and skilful spell cards that are bound to bamboozle your opponent and give you the edge!

Available from 29th July, each pack contains 5 cards, with 2 secret rares and 3 super rares in every pack! These cards were only previously available in Shonen Jump magazine, so now is your chance to add them to your deck!

5D Starter Deck – Out 5th August!

The annual Yu-Gi-Oh! Starter Deck is due to launch in early August so look out for the brand new Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds Starter Deck. As always, this deck contains everything you need to get you started in Yu-Gi-Oh!, as well as a chance for existing Yu-Gi-Oh! players to experience the new game play of brand new monster types.

Duel with powerful new Tuner monsters, designed to help you bring out the other new type of monster, Synchro monsters! These powerful monsters are summoned in a similar way to fusion-summoning, giving you even more ways of getting monsters out onto the field!

The starter deck comes complete with a deck containing all the cards you need to learn the game and master your skills as well as a duelling guide, instruction booklet and game mat.

Grab ‘em on the 5th of August from all good toy, game and hobby stores!


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