Thursday, July 10, 2008

Latest World of Warcraft Releases!

Hunt for Illidan Boosters – Out Now!

The Hunt for Illidan boosters hit shops last week, and are already proving to be incredibly popular with TCG and MMO players alike! With them now being legal for UDE tournaments, we’re expecting to see plenty of you taking advantage of the awesome new Demon Heroes!

As well as new Demon Heroes, the set also brings new loot to the WoW MMO! Whilst these loot cards aren’t yet active until later this month, the content of the loot has already been getting TCG and MMO players excited!

Here’s a bit more info on each loot item, and if you’re lucky, you might be able to get hold of one!

The Path of Illidan

The super-common loot card of the HFI set, this little treat lets you walk the path of Illidan, turning the ground green under your feet!

Your enemies will fear you, and your friends will admire you as you stroll through Outlands burning up the ground, leading us nicely to the next loot item…

Disco Inferno

Burn, baby, burn! The middle-tier loot card brings you a whole party in a box, literally!

The Disco Inferno loot card gives you a box that, when equipped, pops open to play WoW music as well as a little disco ball to give you that party atmosphere! Dance around it, and invite players to dance along with you!

Ethereal Plunderer

The top-tier loot card in the set, the Ethereal Plunderer gives you arguably the coolest, non-mount loot yet! The card gives you an Ethereal Plunderer pet which has the ability to suck up souls of your fallen enemies and convert them into ethereal money!

You can then use this ethereal money to get ultra-cool ethereal items, including the ability to see invisible players, a ball to throw around, and best of all, ethereal armour!

These are rare to find in the set, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for them!


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