Friday, May 9, 2008

World of Warcraft Realm Finals – Saturday 17th May

The World of Warcraft TCG Realm Championships are taking place at the Britannia Hotel, Birmingham on Saturday the 17th May! With some great prizes up for grabs, including a trip to the World Championships, it’s definitely an event you want to be at! Registration opens at 9am with the 1st round starting at 10am. Format will be constructed.

Check out the invite list here to see if you’ll be going. For those who didn’t receive an invite, don’t worry, there’s plenty of side-events for you to have a go at!

Prize Support:
1st place: Invitation to the World of Warcraft TCG World Championships. They will also win travel and hotel accommodations for the duration of the World Championships and an X-51 Nether-Rocket Loot card.

2nd place: Ipod Touch 32Gb, Spectral Tiger Loot card, and 12 packs of Servants of the Betrayer
3-4th place: Nintendo Wii, Kiting Loot card, and 12 packs of Servants of the Betrayer
5-8th place: Apple iPod Nano, King Mukla Loot card, and 12 packs of Servants of the Betrayer
9-16th place: 12 packs of Servants of the Betrayer & Puma Messenger Bag Participation: EA Wraith Scythe

Side Events (open to non invited players). Even if you are not on the invites list above, we still have an action packed day of side events available for EVERYONE to play in!

Sealed Deck
Start: 1130am Price: 12 pounds Format: 3 MOTL, 3 SOTB, Swiss with no knockout Prizes: Treasure Packs, Boosters, Deck Boxes, Loot cards, T-shirts, Ipod Nano for the winner.

Booster Draft
Start: Whenever there are 4 players Price: 2 MOTL and 1 SOTB booster Format: 2 or 3 rounds Swiss Prizes: Boosters, Deck box and T-shirt


Start: 3pm Price: Free Format: 4 rounds Swiss. No knockout. 16 player pods Prizes: Treasure Packs, Boosters, Deck boxes, T-shirts

Crafting Redemptions will also be available at the event. This involves exchanging sets of crafting materials for exclusive promotional cards! For example, 15 Primal Shadow, 6 Felsteel Bars and 1 Primal Nether gets you a Black Felsteel Bracers promo card!

Download a redemption form


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