Monday, March 10, 2008

World of Warcraft Group Qualifiers – From 15th March!

The group qualifiers for the UK and Ireland Group Championship is now underway. The top 8 players from each qualifier event will receive invitations.

In addition, those players will also receive a promo card “Lowdown” Luppo Shadefizzle. All players that participate will receive a “Cannibalize” promo card!

The Group Championship will be held on May 17th 2008 and the winner of this event will receive flight and accommodation to this year’s World Championship!

Town Date Address Email
Edinburgh 22-Mar-08 Conpulsion
Ipswich 15-Mar-08 24th Ipswich Scout Hut, 303 Bramford Road
Leicester 13-Apr-08 Phoenix Games, 51 Church Gate
Lincoln 22-Mar-08 Post Office Social Club
Manchester 26-Apr-08 Fanboy 3, 17 Newton Street
Middlesborough 27-Apr-08 Blue Bell Lodge Hotel, Acklam Road
Milton Keynes 22-Mar-08 Centrecom, 602 North Row, Seclow Gate West
Milton Keynes 3-May-08 Centrecom, 602 North Row, Seclow Gate West
Oxford 26-Apr-08 The Original Swan, Oxford Road, Cowley
Yeovil 19-Apr-08 Withc Engine, 7 South Western Terrace


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