Monday, March 10, 2008

UK and Ireland Yu-Gi-Oh! National Championships – Dates Announced!

We now have confirmed dates for the UK and Ireland Nationals, and can announce them as follows:

UK: 24th and 25th May 2008
Ireland: 18th May 2008

Check back next month for more information, including the location of these!


Anonymous said...

Vs System UK National Championships, April 8th 2008.

This is not an official UDE National Championships, but with the US getting lots of Mega-Weekend action and the other TCGs getting big events, we're setting up our own major event. This is a perfect opportunity if you've drifted away from the game as it's a Bring Your Own Set format. Basically you build a 60 constructed deck out of one set, and only one set. So if you only ever bought Marvel origins, you can build a deck and still be competitive. There are no stupid, abusive decks in the format, so no-one should feel outclassed because of the cards they own (or don't own). For more details, check out the post on my site

Upper Deck Fans