Saturday, October 10, 2009

Spongi – Now Available!

Bounce it, squish it, shape it and mould it! Spongi is the brand new mouldable dough that you can do almost anything with!

Spongi includes 6 individual refill packs available in 6 different colors to get you started with your own creations. Mix any of the 6 available colors (blue, red, green, purple, yellow and white) and you can make brand new funky colors that will blend rather than give a marble effect.

You can then get a theme pack or animation pack to follow creations of set characters such as robots, fantasy pets and other crazy characters! Use the moving and themed accessories in these packs to create something new from your imagination as well as following the characters featured on the packs.

So what is the difference?

Theme Packs are available in both boy and girl themes, with 3 different themes to collect with each. Each pack has around 14 awesome accessories to help you on your way to creating a masterpiece! These are static creations with parts inside based on the themes on each box.

Accessory Packs are also based on boy and girl themes with each set including 2 moving accessories along with 11 normal accessories to make your characters move! These include a variety of moving parts that make your character shuffle or wobble on the table! So, if you really want to bring your creations to life, the animation pack is for you!

Spongi is available from the ASDA Direct catalogue right now, or all good toy retailers.

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