Saturday, October 10, 2009

Huntik Omens & Legacies Booster – Available from 13th October 2009

Based on the action-packed animated TV series, the Huntik Trading Card Game features your favourite Seekers, mighty Titans, amazing powers and incredible missions right from the episodes!

Omens and Legacies brings players closer to the characters by exposing new information about the past and the future. Can an omen from the future help you complete your missions? Find out more at

Elements from the past and the future are revealed as new missions emerge in Huntik: Omens and Legacies. Learn additional information about Lok’s father, Eathon, and understand why Zhalia has switched sides from good to evil and evil to good. Collect 4 new Legendary Titan Cards that are more powerful than before! Create the most adventure in your Huntik missions by collecting all 100 cards in the set.

In this set is 1st time appearances from a group of evil Seekers, the Blood Spirals and their powerful Titans! There are also new missions and game play features and additional past and future information is introduced bringing you closer to the characters.

Don’t forget to look out for Password cards in card packs to unlock adventures at and to take part in Huntik OP to meet players from the growing UK Huntik community.

Omens & Legacies is released in all good hobby and independent stores from 13th October.


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