Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds Toys - Available 15th September 2009

The brand new Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s toy line directly relates to the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds TV series currently on Nicktoons. The TV show and Trading Card Game and is all about racing D-Wheels, dueling trading cards and battling monster characters and the toys are just as cool! This September there are 2.5” figures, 5.5” figures, D-Wheel vehicles and a wrist card holder to collect! These are currently available in the Asda catalogue from 21st Sept and from Smyths Toys in Ireland from 15th Sept.

Check out the overview below for all the info on these brand new toys from Upper Deck!


Only the best monsters have made the cut for the 2.5” figure assortment, and they’ve been strategically paired up to make sure each pack is a ‘must’ have for duelists of all ages. With highly detailed figures with authentic decoration from the actual show, these figures also feature resistors that hold information including monster name, attack and defence points, duelist’s name, and attack name. The 2.5” figures are the only ones compatible with Yu-Gi-Reader so you will want to collect them all or swap doubles with your friends. There are 24 Key characters and monsters to collect with 2 waves of 12 coming out. The first wave is this Sept and the next wave is spring 2010.

There are 2 figures per pack and the SRP £6.99.

5.5” Figurines

The most dynamic monsters and characters were chosen for this collection of 5.5” figures. Each figure is fully articulated and features spring loaded weaponry and other special features that are exclusive and true to each character and their powers.

There is 1 figure per pack with SRP £9.99.


The coolest and newest way to duel on 2 wheels, D-Wheels vehicles fire monster-themed spring loaded projectiles. Each vehicle comes with an exclusive articulated 5.5” figure, and each figure comes with a removable Duel Disk.
There is 1 D-Wheel with 1 figure per pack with SRP of £19.99.

Wrist Card Holder

The Wrist Card Holder holds and deals a full deck of Konami trading cards. It is the perfect size for the duelist on the go, Yusei’s card holder adjusts to fit any wrist size. Just flip the lever to activate the card flipping action and deal a card and duel with your friends!
1 Wrist Card Holder per pack with SRP of £16.99

Look out for all of the above toys in Asda catalogue in the UK and Smyths Toys in Ireland as well as independent toy stores.


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