Friday, August 14, 2009

We’re a bunch of Ogres

We’re a bunch of Ogres
Upper Deck International Announces Misprint in Fields of Honor

We would like to announce that a misprint was made in the Fields of Honor booster release, and apologize to our players for any inconvenience it may have caused. In order to maintain consistency with Organized Play globally, we have decided to ban the misprinted card in tournaments. Those who have purchased a misprinted card can send it in and we will replace it with the correct card.

One in every 132 packs of the European production of Fields of Honor contains a misprinted hero card: the front of the card shows Honor 3/208 – Kinivus the Focused, while the back is that of Honor 13/208 – Emek the Equalizer. This applies to all European translated editions as well.

If you have purchased a misprinted card and would like to exchange it for the correct version, please send it to:

Upper Deck International – Customer Service
Flevolaan 15
1382 JX Weesp
The Netherlands

Once again we apologize for the mistake and hope it hasn’t inconvenienced our player base too much.


Upper Deck Fans