Friday, August 14, 2009

Dino Slash Starter Deck - Available 15th September 2009

Team up with Max and Chomp to take on all challengers with the brand new Dino Slash Starter Deck!

The Dino Slash Starter Deck is designed to get you into the Dinosaur King TCG, teaching you the basics and giving you tips on how to build a dino-crushing deck using the cards included. All the cards feature your favourite characters and dinosaurs from the hit TV show, including amazing 3D artwork just like you see on the show!

Each ready-to-play deck contains 41 new cards, a 9-card booster pack to build your collection, and a very special sneak preview of the 5th Dinosaur King booster Dinotector Showdown, which contains the 1st ever Level 7 Dinosaur, letting your smash your opponent’s dinosaurs back to the stone age!

The Dino Slash Starter Deck will be available from your local hobby and ASDA stores from the 15th of September – so make sure you’re there to pick up your starter deck and get in the dino-crushing game!


Upper Deck Fans