Friday, July 10, 2009

World of Warcraft National Qualifiers - Ongoing

National Qualifier tournaments will qualify players for the 2009 UK National Championship in August. In addition to the main event, each Qualifier will host a Booster Draft Challenge

From July 11 to August 9, the events will switch to a Sealed Pack format will use two packs of Drums of War, two packs of Blood of the Gladiators, and two packs of the new expansion Fields of Honor.

The tournament will have Swiss rounds based on the number of players in the tournament, according to UDE Tournament Policy. All matches are best two-of-three.

There will be two different types of event that you can attend.

- The winner of a Local Qualifier will win an invitation to the National Championship.
- The top 4 finishers of a Grand Qualifier will win an invitation to the National Championship.

Check out the schedule of events and to see what type of qualifier you will be visiting in the future.

In addition to booster packs, prizes also include:

“Alexi Barov” Extended Art prize card
“Invocation” Extended Art prize card
“The Ring of Blood: Ska’grath” Extended Art prize card

Booster Draft Challenge At every National Qualifier event, Booster Draft Challenges will also be going on for the duration of the event. When eight players sign up for a Draft, the event will begin.

Players will Draft using one pack of Drums of War, one pack of Blood of Gladiators, and one pack of Fields of Honor. After drafting, they will play three rounds of single elimination, using best two-of-three matches.

Winner: Terokk’s Shadowstaff Extended Art card, Booster Packs
Top 4: Booster Packs


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