Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Latest World of Warcraft TCG Releases

Arena Grand Melee Deck – Available 19th May 2009

You want to stand in the grand arena. Do you have what it takes? Are your blades keen and deadly? Do your spells have the ferocity of an archmage? The Gladiators think not. Walk across the sands of the arena and prepare yourself for the greatest test of all. Soon your worth will be revealed!

The Arena Grand Melee
Deck is the closest you can get to the arena battles seen in the online game. Available in both Horde and Alliance versions, the deck contains 79 cards, including 19 tournament game cards, as well as an exclusive mini-pet card. You also get brand new ability cards for all classes in the game, and 2 brand new heroes in each version to test out in your deck.

The Arena Grand Melee Deck will be available from your local hobby store from 5th May 2009 – so grab your chosen version and take the battle to the arenas!

Death Knight Deluxe Starter – Available 16th June 2009

Think to yourself. What would become of you should you fall in battle? Is such a thought frightening? Are you strong enough in your faith? Some men walk a darker path, such fears are no barrier to their power. Do what you know to be right, hero. Turn your back on the Light and the living. Death holds your true beginning.

On the 16th of June, the darkness envelops all with the launch of the brand new Death Knight Deluxe Starter Deck – introducing the most feared foe in Azeroth, the Death Knights. This 36 card deck includes a 17-card Death Knight pack with a brand new Hero and exclusive cards to enhance the Death Knight theme, as well as 3 Ghoul Tokens that can be
used to destroy your opponents Hero and Allies.

Customise your Death Knight deck and take on all comers on the 16th of June when the Death Knight Deluxe Starter Deck hits your local hobby store!

Fields of Honor Boosters – Available 30th June 2009

For what reason does a hero fight? Many battle for their pride, and even more quest for greed. Some seek revenge for the past, while others strive for a brighter future, either to take, to defend, or merely to survive in. A hero fights for many reasons, but one reason encompasses them all: having something to live for, or even die for. You must discover your own reasons for yourself, on the war-torn fields of honor.

The 9th World of Warcraft TCG booster brings brand new cards, and a brand new way to play! Battle with new Heroes, equip them
with even more powerful abilities and fight alongside devastating Allies to prove your honor! As with all the new WoW TCG boosters, you can also get hold of the incredible loot cards – providing you with exclusive in-game items to take your character to the next level.

Check back next month for a more in-depth view of the set, and the loot card preview!


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