Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This Month's Tips

Tip 1: “Rescue Cat” is a card from Flaming Eternity, Dark Relevation 3 and recently Champion Pack 5. When it’s on the field you can send itself to the graveyard and Special Summon 2 level 3 or lower Beast monsters from your deck. This means you can use Rescue cat to summon the new Gladiator Beast monster from Crimson Crisis! Gladiator Beast Samnite is a level 3 Beast and you can use its power to return it to the deck to bring out different Gladiator Beast. This means that it won’t be destroy by Rescue Cat’s effect and you will have 2 new powerful Gladiator Beast monsters on the field.

Tip 2: “Dark Strike Fighter” is a new 7 star Synchro Monster from Crimson Crisis. His ability allows you to tribute monsters on your side of the field toinflict direct damage to your opponent’s lifepoints equal to the level of the monster you tribute including himself! It also has 2600 ATK which makes “Dark Strike Fighter” the perfect monster to finish off your opponent. You can attack directly for 2600 damage and then tribute himself for 1400 more damage. That’s half your opponent’s life total! If you have more monsters on your field such as Mecha Bunny then you can tribute them too.

Tip 3: “Neo-Spacian Grand Mole” a rare card from Strike of Neos but he has been reprinted as a Parallel Rare promo card for March’s Hobby League tournaments. Grand Mole’s effect allows him to return an opposing monster to its owners’ hand. If it’s a Synchro monster then that monster will return to the Extra deck instead. You can use cards such as Mind Crush and D.D. Designator to force your opponent to lose the monster that you’ve returned to his hand as well!


Upper Deck Fans