Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spectral Safari – 15th March 2009

It's time for all you adventurers to prove your worth! Hemet Nesingwary has called on all the brave souls of Azeroth to take down the most elusive and illustrious big game in all the Nether: the Spectral Tiger!

The Spectral Safari will be held at hobby stores across the country. The winner of each event will walk away with the hottest commodity in the World of Warcraft: a Spectral Tiger Loot card! On top of that, a Bear Mount Loot card will also be randomly awarded as a door prize! Other prizes include an exclusive map for all participants, as well as booster packs for high finishers.

If you are interested in learning how to play and having a chance at owning your very own Spectral Tiger, check out the locations below to see where you can get in on the action. The Spectral Safari is Sealed Pack format so don’t worry if you do not have an army at your command. It’s the perfect chance for beginners! Stores will be running demos on the day as well so it is the ideal time to start playing the WoW minis game.

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