Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Latest Huntik TCG Releases

Huntik – Secrets & Seekers Starter Deck & Boosters – Available 20th March 2009

Magic, mystery, mythology and adventure come together in Huntik, and the Huntik Trading Card Game brings all the excitement of the TV series right to your table top. In the animated TV series, currently showing on Jetix, young Lok Lambert and Dante Vale travel the globe with their group of amazing Seekers, exploring exotic locations and seeking to unlock ancient secrets.

Lok and his friends search for powerful spirit-warriors, called Titans, to use in battle against th
e evil Organization. The Huntik TCG lets players direct their own Seekers to complete missions by using amazing powers and controlling mighty Titans. Plus, one in every three Huntik TCG card packs includes a password that unlocks Titans and other great content on the Huntik website. Visit www.Huntik.com for more information.

The brand new Huntik TCG launches on 24th March with a 2-Player Starter Deck containing everything you need to learn the game. Each deck comes complete with two decks of 30-cards so you and a friend can play the game, plus a 21 card mission pack, 2 exclusive foil rare cards and a game mat to play on. As well as all this, every Starter Deck includes a free DVD with a Huntik episode and a how-to-play guide! Just like the TV series, you can take on exciting missions like finding lost Mayan statues or a cursed Samurai sword, and if you complete enough to beat your opponent you can win the game.

As well as the 2-player Starter Deck, you can build up your collection of Titans and make a unique deck with Huntik booster packs, each containing 9 cards, including a foil rare in every pack.

The first booster is available from 24th March along with the Starter Deck.
Look out for future releases for Huntik Trading Card Game including events and tournament activity coming to your local area! The first release for Huntik Trading Card Game, the Huntik 2-Player Starter Deck and Boosters, will be available from the 24th of March 2009 in Toys R Us, GAME, and hobby and independent stores nationwide.


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