Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Latest Dinosaur King TCG Releases

Colossal Team Battle Boosters – Available Now!

The battles get even bigger with Colossal Team Battle, the first expansion for the Dinosaur King™ Trading Card Game.

Featuring all of the main characters and Dinosaurs from the Dinosaur King TV series, Colossal Team Battle lets you recreate the exciting showdowns between the heroic D-Team and the villainous Alpha
Gang. Ace, Paris, Spiny, and Tank make their debut, along with new versions of Chomp and Terry.

There are over 40 new Dinosaur cards to collect, plus powerful new Moves to make them stronger than ever. Collect all 100 cards and make your move to become the Dinosaur King!
The Dinosaur King™ Trading Card Game is an action-packed, fun, easy-to-play TCG based on the exciting Dinosaur King TV series.

The stars of the show, Max, Rex, and Zoe, search all over the world for lost Dinosaur cards that have the power to bring dinosaurs from the past back to life. Every episode is an adventure to collect more cards and ensure that the cards don’t fall into the wrong hands. Whoever controls the cards controls the dinosaurs!

The 100-card set features characters like Max and Rex and Dinosaurs like Chomp and Ace from the Dinosaur King TV show. This set features 10 awesome Colossal Rare cards with unique art to collect, plus all-new TV Moments cards. You can also learn exciting facts about over 40 new Dinosaurs and discover new strategies with new Dinosaur abilities and Move cards.

There are 9 cards in every pack including 1 full foil silver card. Get them now from your local hobby store and Argos where you can also buy the Dinosaur King toys! If you have not yet tried Dinosaur King TCG, make sure you get hold of the Starter Deck, which has everything you need to learn the game plus a free booster pack.


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