Monday, September 8, 2008

This Month's Tips

Destroy Defenses: “Red Dragon Archfiend” is one the new Synchro monsters from The Duelist Genesis. The Dragon is so good that it’s in its own tin!

“Red Dragon Archfiend” ‘s effect destroys defense position monsters! But what if they’re not in defense position? Don’t worry, we can use the new tuner monster “Jutte Fighter” to switch them to defense position and then you can use him for a Synchro Summon. If you choose to summon “Red Dragon Archfiend” from the Extra deck you can now use its effect to cause havoc on your opponent’s monsters.

Counter your opponent’s strategy: “Solemn Judgment” is one of the most powerful trap cards in the game and has the power to negate and destroy any card your opponent plays at the cost of half of your lifepoints. Many top level duelist are using 3 of the powerful trap in their decks to try and control what cards their opponents can and cannot play.

If a lot of players in your local tournaments are playing “Solemn Judgment” then you can counteract this by playing either “Nobleman of Extermination” which will destroy all copies of the powerful trap card in the deck or “Royal Decree” which will negate the effects of any trap card on the field.

Draw more cards with Cyber Valley: We hope those readers who tried out using the “Cyber Valley” and “Machine Duplication” combination from the July newsletter had lots of success by tripling their play.

“D.D. Survivor” is a strong monster with 1800 ATK and if he is removed from play he will be special summoned back to your side of the field. By summoning “Cyber Valley” alongside “D.D. Survivor” together you can use “Cyber Valley” ‘s effect to remove itself and “D.D. Survivor” to draw 2 extra cards for the price of one!


PJ said...

I completely forgot about Nobleman of Extermination, been looking for a counter to Solemn Judgment for a while and Dust Tornado was not always the best option.

Thanks for the tip :)

Upper Deck Fans