Monday, September 8, 2008

Other Releases

FTChamp© Nanos - Out Today!

Upper Deck is pleased to be the official UK distributor of FTChamps© Nanos – a brand new football collectible! Collect, trade and play with these amazing new collectible football figures, created using scans of the real players! Build your very own football Dream Team and play world-class players like Beckham, Rooney, Messi and Ronaldo where you want to!

There’s 31 figures to collect, including 6 super rare Silver and Gold figures of the world’s very best players, and they can all be used to battle your friends! Then take your FTChamp©
Nanos to the next level and play real game of football with them!

You can build you collection with 1 pack boosters, 3 packs, and 5 packs as well as getting a pitch, goals, clip on bases for your figures to make them playable in every 10 and 22 pack set. Some packs contain an exclusive player that you can’t get in booster packs, so be sure to keep an eye out for them!

FTChamps© Nanos are available from today in selected WHSmith, Tesco Express Stores, The Entertainer, Asda, and McColls stores for the Uk as well as Smyths Toys in Ireland so get down to your local store and grab them while you can!

Dinosaur King TCG – Out 28th October!

Dinosaur King is all about Max, a 12-year old dinosaur fan, and his friends who stumble on ancient cards that fall from the sky. They find that these cards can be used to summon and control dinosaurs from prehistoric times. Together, they form the D-Team, a group dedicated to collecting dinosaur cards all over the world and stopping them fall into the hands of the evil Alpha Gang!

The TCG lets you play as one of the characters from the show, battling with powerful dinosaurs and upgrading their powers with special move and super move cards!

The starter gives you everything you need to get into the Dinosaur King TGC, including a 40-card deck, booster pack, game mat and a guide showing you how to play. Boosters contain 9 cards, including 1 foil rare. There are 135 cards to collect! Keep an eye out for the ‘Colossal Rare’ cards, the equivalent of ‘Secret Rares’ in Yu-Gi-Oh!

We’ll be focusing more on the Dinosaur king TCG next month, including a preview of the cards, so be sure to check back for the latest info!


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