Tuesday, August 12, 2008

World of Warcraft TCG Regionals - Still Going!

There are but a handful of WoW Regionals left! If you or your friends haven’t yet qualified for this year’s National Championship then pop down to one of these remaining qualifying events.

Each Regional will qualify 4 more players for the WoW UK National Championships in Sheffield on the 6th and 7th of September.

Prizes from the Regionals are:

Winner: EA Card: Rescue the Survivors
Top 2: Molten Core treasure pack
Top 4: Invitation to the National Championships and Druid deck box
Top 8: Magtheridon’s Lair treasure pack and EA card: An OOX of your Own
Top 25: EA card: Puncture

Booster prizes are determined by attendance. Check out the remaining dates below.
City Date Country Location Email
Aldershot 10th August 2008   The Games Shop, 6 Wellington Road, Aldershot mike@the-games-shop-aldershot.com
Lincoln 9th August 2008   Comic Culture, The Mall, High Street karl@thegamesstore.com
Middlesborough 10th August 2008   The Blue Bell Lodge Hotel, Acklam Road, Middlesborough g_i_bo@hotmail.com
Sheffield 5th September 2008   Patriot Games 1-2 Ladys Bridge, Sheffield jim@patriotgames.ltd.uk
Yeovil 10th August 2008   Witch Engine, 7 South Western Terrace, Yeovil shaw@witchengine.com


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