Thursday, July 10, 2008

This Month's Tips

Draw options with Kuraz: “Kuraz the Light Monarch“is a strong card from the new Light of Destruction Special Edition, but he cannot attack on the turn it is summoned. Kuraz’s effect is also very powerful. Play cards such as “Premature Burial” and “D.D.R. Different Dimension Reincarnation” and you can choose to use his effect to destroy himself and the card you use to Special Summon him to draw more cards and more options to win the game.

Short Circuit your opponent: “Short Circuit” is capable of destroying all of your opponent’s cards on the field. However, it is tricky to summon 3 ‘Batteryman’ monsters onto the field. Use cards such as “Portable Battery Pack“ and “Inferno Reckless Summon“ in conjunction with “Batteryman Micro-Cell“ or “Batteryman Charger“ to make it easy to play “Short Circuit“ before attacking your opponent’s clear field!

Triple your play: “Cyber Valley“ is one of the most popular cards from Phantom Darkness. Although it has zero attack and zero defence it has 3 very good effects. What’s better than having one good monster on your side of the field? How about having 3 of them? “Cyber Valley’s“ low attack allows you to choose it for “Machine Duplication“ which will Special Summon 2 more copies from your deck.


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