Friday, May 9, 2008

Yu-Gi-Oh! UK Nationals – 24th & 25th May

The Yu-Gi-Oh! National Championship 2008 will be held at the MCM Expo at London’s ExCel on the 24th and 25th May!

The best players in the country will come to battle it out over 2 days of competition to find out who will take home the title of UK National Champion 2008. Not only that but the top 8 finishing players will receive invitations to play in the European Championships to be held later this year on their way to the World Championships which will be held in Berlin, Germany in August!

Qualified players will receive free entry to the Expo for day 1 with the top 128 players progressing to day 2. But that’s not all, even if you’ve not qualified you can still come along and play in an exciting program of side events! Not only that, but once you are in the Expo, all constructed side events are FREE!

On Sunday, we’ll be holding the Under 14 Open National Championships. So if you’re 13 or under, get your deck, come down to the Expo and get ready to Get Your Game On!

Saturday 24th May
United Kingdom National Championships. 8:00am – 10:00am Registration 10:15am Player Briefing and 1st Round begins.

King of Games Constructed. 10:30am – 6:00pm. All day, 8 player knockout events with your own deck. Tournaments start as soon as there are 8 players, and every time you win a match you win a pack!

Light of Destruction Sealed Pack.
11:00am Take 5 boosters of the brand new Light of Destruction set and build a 20 card deck. Do you have what it takes?

Under 14 Challenge Constructed.
12:00 Noon Bring along your deck and fine tune it for the main event tomorrow!

Structure Deck Challenge.
2:00pm Each player receives a sealed structure deck to play with. When everyone has the same cards, do you have the skill to come out on top?

Sunday 25th May

United Kingdom National Championships – Day 2
10:30am Play resumes. The top 128 players from day 1 return to battle it out for the title of UK National Champion 2008!

Under 14 Open National Championship. 8:00am – 10:00am Registration 10:15am Player briefing and first round begins.

King of Games Constructed.
10:30am – 5:00pm. All day, 8 player knockout events with your own deck. Tournaments start as soon as there are 8 players, and every time you win a match you win a pack!

Light of Destruction Sealed Pack.
11:00am Take 5 boosters of the brand new Light of Destruction set and build a 20 card deck. Do you have what it takes?

Megabanned Challenge! 12:00 Noon Bring your own deck to play in this special tournament. Just one thing, you may not use any card that is forbidden, limited or even semi-limited! Test your deck building skills in this special event just for Nationals weekend!

One May Rise. 2:00pm Take 5 boosters and build a 20 card deck to take part in this special sudden death knockout challenge. Just one twist, if you get knocked out your opponent gets to keep the common cards from your packs to use in his own deck!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Under 14 Championships On Sunday 25th May, we will be holding the Yu-Gi-Oh! Under 14 Championships and it is open to all under 14s (no invitation needed)

Important notes for parents and guardians:
Registration will take place outside the Expo Hall from 8am to 10am, with the 1st round starting at about 10.15am.

Late entries are accepted into the event, but the player will incur one match loss for each round of play missed.

The format for the event is 6/7 rounds of Swiss with a cut to the top 8 players with the highest match points at the end of the Swiss portion.

Players are allowed to play all rounds regardless of win record, but they may drop out of the tournament at any time. The scorekeeper MUST be informed if a player wishes to quit the tournament.

Except for the top 8 players, the event will end at about 5-6pm.

Entry into the championship is free, but entry into the MCM Expo is not.

Prices: Under 10: Free with one full paying adult 11-14: 4 pounds (for this event only: usually 12 pounds fast track) Adult: 12 pounds (Fast Track Entry: allows one Under 10 to enter the show)

In order to enter the event, players need to adhere to some important rules:

1. Follow the banned and restricted list as found here:

2. Have a fully written out decklist of the cards used in their deck. This can either be typed out or written (we strongly advise parents to help write the decklists) and should be done BEFORE entering the event. This must then be submitted when the player enters the tournament as this gives the officials a record of the cards being used.

3. The backs of all cards used must be in the same condition or the same sleeve design.

The convention is likely to be extremely busy. Although the Yu-Gi-Oh playing area is cordoned off, it is not recommended to leave children unsupervised whilst playing. Parents will have a separate seating area adjacent to the playing area: parents will not be allowed within the playing area to ensure fairness and discourage coaching during the event itself.

Although the event is open to all, even the youngest players will need an unsupervised knowledge of the game rules in order to effectively participate. If you feel that your child is unable to play the game unsupervised (either socially or due to lack of games knowledge), then we recommend entering one of the many side events on offer instead, where we can make better allowances for coaching and supervision.

Please be aware this activity promotes a competitive environment. Again, if you are still unsure whether your child is suited to enter this event, then we can recommend entering some of the side events instead, where there is a more emphasis on enjoyment over achievement.

1st Place:
Nintendo Wii and game (courtesy of Konami UK). 24 Booster Packs
2nd Place:
Nintendo DS and game (courtesy of Konami UK). 16 Booster Packs
3rd and 4th place:
DS game (courtesy of Konami UK). 8 Booster Packs
5th- 8th
place: 4 Booster Packs
9th – 16th Place: 2 Booster Packs
17th- 32nd Place: 1 Booster Pack

All players will get participation prize(s) for entering.

Prizes subject to change.

As well as the UK Nationals and the Under 14 Championships, you’ll also be able to take part in the official Yu-Gi-Oh! DS World Championship Tournament 2008 United Kingdom National Championships. The 32 top DS Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelists will battle it out to claim the title of UK champion, as well as a place at the European Yu-Gi-Oh! DS World Championship Tournament 2008 Championships! Check out for more information on how you can register and take part!

So, there’s loads of great events taking place over the weekend, and a chance to win some incredible prizes! Make sure you get down to the ExCel centre if you can, hopefully we’ll see you there!Details of the London MCM Expo can be found on their website at and keep checking back here for more updates on the UK Nationals Weekend!


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