Friday, May 9, 2008

Latest Yu-Gi-Oh! Releases!

Light of Destruction Boosters – Now out!

The sensational new Light of Destruction boosters are now out, and for those of you who haven’t yet had the chance to get your hands on them, you’re in for a treat!

The 100 card set includes new cards that support the light theme monsters, as well as supporting existing themes and increasing their strength. There are 10 cards created by Upper Deck, and 10 cards previously only available in Japan!

New cards like ‘Honest’, ‘Judgement Dragon’ and Sartorius’s Arcana Force cards are proving to be great at countering the dark-themed decks that previously dominated the format! For more tips on how to best use these new cards, check out our Tips section further down!

Get hold of the Light of Destruction booster packs at your local hobby store today and smash your way through the Darkness with these powerful new light monsters!

Light of Destruction Special Edition – From the 18th June!

Building on the strength of the Light of Destruction boosters, the new Light of Destruction Special Edition will give you 3 packs of Light of Destruction boosters, as well as one of these 2 awesome variant cards!

Kuraz the Light Monarch – Expanding the power of the famous monarch monsters, this card can destroy 2 cards, letting you clear the field quickly, before moving in for the big hit!

Soul Rope – This trap card lets you search and summon any Level 4 monster from your deck to replace a monster lost in battle. Use this to get ‘Honest’ onto the field even quicker!

The Light of Destruction Special Edition will be available from the 18th of June, so keep an eye for it and collect both the devastating variant cards to make your deck even stronger!

And for all of you wanting the inside info on what Jaden and his friends get up to when they’re not duelling, check out CITV’s exclusive interview with Jaden Yuki himself!


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