Friday, April 11, 2008

Latest Yu-Gi-Oh! Releases!

Dark Emperor Structure Deck – Out Now!

The amazing new Dark Emperor Structure Deck is now out! Get hold of dark new cards like ‘D.D.R’ and ‘Caius the Shadow Monarch’, and pair them with your Phantom Darkness cards to create the ultimate dark army!

The 40 card deck includes the cover monster ‘Caius the Shadow Monarch’, as well as highly anticipated cards ‘Dimensional Alchemist’, ‘By Order of the Emperor’ and ‘D.D.R – Different Dimension Reincarnation’.

Each Deck comes with a new rulebook and limited edition ‘Caius the Shadow Monarch’ playmat for you to get your game on!

Gold Series – Out Next Week!

This month sees the launch of the first ever hobby exclusive!

18 of this 45 card set feature the amazing new gold foil technology! Get your hands on rare cards like ‘Jinzo’, ‘Crush Card Virus’, ‘Don Zaloog’ and ‘Mirror Force’, and increase the rarity of your deck!

The set is due to launch next week, and will only be available from your local hobby store, so make sure you keep a look out for this set, it’s sure to be popular!

Light of Destruction – Out 7th May!

The latest Yu-Gi-Oh! booster set brings some devastating new cards designed to smash through the Darkness and bring light monsters back into the current metagame! This huge 100 card set includes 10 cards previously only available in Japan, as well as 10new cards designed by Upper Deck!

Check out the new Lightsworn and Arcana themes, and strengthen existing Decks like ‘Frog’! Use cards like ‘Honest’ and the famous ‘Arcane Force’ cards to blow away your opponent’s Dark monsters.

With more new themes, super and ultra rares than ever before, the Light of Destruction set is ready to shatter the darkness and bring light to the Yu-Gi-Oh! world! Get your hands on the boosters from the 7th of May at your local hobby store!


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