Monday, March 10, 2008

Tips and Strategies

Extra Draw with Rainbow Ruins!:“Terraforming” can get you an “Ancient City – Rainbow Ruins” from your Deck. Use Crystal Blessing” to get 4 “Crystal Beasts” in your Spell & Trap Zone quickly. The use Rainbow Ruins to draw a card!

Evil Hero Onslaught: If you don’t have any monsters on the field, you can Special Summon “Evil Hero Infernal Prodigy” from your hand. Then, use your Normal Summon to Tribute it for a powerful monster like “Evil hero Malicious Edge.” You even get to draw an extra card! This Evil Hero combo is sure to have your opponent running for cover.

Put your opponent in a grave situation: Even if your opponent has control of your “Grave Squirmer”, you will get its effect if it is destroyed by battle because it is sent to YOUR graveyard. Use creature swap to trade “Grave Squirmer” for one of your opponent’s stronger monsters. Then attack your own “Grave Squirmer”, inflicting damage and destroying an opponent’s card!

This month, we also introduce a new Current Tip format, designed to help you get the most from the current set. Check out this wicked tip if you’re using the latest Phantom Darkness cards!

The Birth of Yubel - The Ultimate Nightmare

With ‘Reinforcement of the Army’ you can quickly get ‘Armageddon Knight’ on the field . Using it’s effect to toss ‘Doom Shaman’ or ‘Yubel’ to the grave will open up space for you to use ‘Swing of Memories’, which will bring ‘Doom Shaman’ back to the field. Use ‘Doom Shamans’ effect to special summon ‘Yubel’.

At the end of the turn both ‘Yubel’ and ‘Doom Shaman’ return to the grave due to ‘Doom Shamans’ effect, bringing out Yubel’s big brother ‘Yubel - Terror Incarnate’.

You’re still not there yet! Now you need your Yubel Terror Incarnate to be removed from the field either using your own cards effects (think ‘Torrential Tribute’) or letting your opponent take care of that. Then, ‘Yubel - The Ultimate Nightmare’ is born!


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