Monday, March 10, 2008

Latest Yu-Gi-Oh! Releases!

Duelist Pack Collection Tins – Available now!

The 2008 Duelist Pack Collection Tins are now out! Collect awesome new monsters used by Jaden Yuki and Jesse Anderson, including the amazing ‘Card Ejector’ card, only available in these Duelist Pack tins!

Each tin comes with two Jaden Yuki 3 and two Jesse Anderson Duelist Packs and, as an added bonus, you will also get one Zane Truesdale Duelist Pack! Every tin comes complete with a useful strategy guide that shows you how to duel with the cards in the tin.

As well as the awesome Duelist Pack tin, you’ll also be able to get your hands on the Jaden Exclusive Tin, only available at Argos!

This tin comes with three Jaden Yuki 2 Duelist Packs and two Jaden Yuki 3 Duelist Packs, as well as 'Elemental Hero Prisma’ , a special promo card, not available anywhere else! Get it late March from your local Argos!

Phantom Darkness Special Edition – Available from 12th March!

With three Phantom Darkness booster packs in every Special Edition, as well as one of two awesome variant cards, the Phantom Darkness Special Edition brings you loads of duelling fun!

Search and collect cards from the wicked Phantom Darkness set, including the elusive ‘Dark Armed Dragon’ and ‘Yubel – The Ultimate Nightmare’! Check out “This Months Tips & Strategies” section for more tips on how to use this card!

‘Hannibal Necromancer’ and ‘Mutant Mindmaster’ allow you to cause havoc on the playing field by removing trap cards and letting you control your opponent’s own monsters, turning them on themselves!

Check out these powerful cards when the Special Edition hits stores across the UK on the 12th of March!

The Dark Emperor Structure Deck – Available from 2nd April!

With this awesome new structure deck you get a pre-built 40-card deck designed around the ultimate monster of madness, ‘Caius the Shadow Monarch’! Use this deck with your Phantom Darkness cards to create an almighty dark monster deck to destroy your opponents!

Complete with a cool ‘Caius the Shadow Monarch’ playmat, and a useful duelling guide, it’ll definitely be a deck to pick up when it comes out on the 2nd of April!


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