Monday, February 11, 2008

World of Warcraft Worldwide Spectral Safari Events - Saturday 1st March

Join in the hunt on Saturday 1st March where players from all across the world try to hunt down and capture a Spectral Tiger!

These highly sought after cards allow World of Warcraft Online characters to ride an exclusive spectral mount!

Open to both new and veteran players, the format for this event will use March of the Legion starter decks.

More details to come, but for the moment, here is a list of the participating stores in the UK and Ireland:
City Contact Start Time Location (Full Address) Website
Glasgow Joao Madeira See Instore Spellbound Games, 15 Forth Street, Glasgow, G41 2SP None
Leicester Chris Wankling See Instore Phoenix Games, 51 Church Gate, Leicester, LE1 3AL
Lincoln Karl Bown See Instore Comic Culture, Unit 1, The Mall, Lincoln, LN2 1HX
Manchester Dave Salisbury See Instore Fanboy 3, 17 Newton Street, Manchester, M1 1FK
Navan Darina Doyle See Instore Game Bandits, Unit 10 Kennedy Road, Navan, IRELAND
Reading Becky Ottery See Instore Eclectic Games, 58 Station Hill, Reading, RG1 1NF
Sheffield Jim Freeman See Instore Patriot Games, 1-2 Lady's Bridge, Sheffield, S3 8GA
Yeovil Lorraine Shaw See Instore Witch Engine, 7 South Western Terrace, Yeovil, BA20 1NB


Anonymous said...

Any information about Vs System events?

Upper Deck Fans