Monday, February 11, 2008

This Month’s Tips

Ojama Clogging: Ojama Trio and Ojama King both clog up 3 spaces in your opponent’s Monster Card Zone. You can disable their last two spaces with Ground Collapse. Pull this off and your opponent will be stuck, unable to Summon their own monsters!

Jump Start your Level Up Engine: Armed Dragon LV3, the beginning of the Armed Dragon Evolution is likely to be destroyed during your opponent’s turn if you Normal Summon it. So don’t leave it vulnerable, use Flying Kamakiri #1 instead to Special Summon it at the end of your opponent’s Damage Step. Then at the start of your next turn, level up into Armed Dragon Level 5!

Draw more Elemental Heroes: Since many of the Elemental Hero monsters are Normal monsters, Dark Factory of Mass Production is a perfect combo with them. You can select 2 Normal Monsters from your Graveyard and add them to your hand, so the Elemental Hero monsters you used as Fusion Material Monsters are easily returned to your hand. Now you can use them again for a second Fusion Summon!


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