Monday, February 11, 2008

Latest Yu-Gi-Oh! Releases!

Phantom Darkness – Out Now!

This huge new set is now out! Hopefully you all got down to your local Sneak Preview and had the chance to duel with some of the awesome new cards in this set!

Tying into the current GX3 TV Series, you can duel with some of the dark monsters Jaden and his fellow duelists face in their struggle to get out of the dark dimension, including Jaden’s arch nemesis Yubel!

With 3 brand new cards featuring this incredibly powerful monster, there’s plenty to get excited about!

As well as Yubel, you can also check out new monsters like the ‘Rainbow Dark Dragon’ and ‘The Dark Creator’! This set is sure to give you the upper hand in your duels so check out the set now and step into the dark new Yu-Gi-Oh! world!

Duelist Pack Tins – Available from the 5th March!

Featuring cards used by your favourite Duelists, Jaden Yuki and Jesse Anderson, the Duelist Pack tins are a great addition to any Duelist’s collection, and feature cards never before available!

With 2 of Jaden and 2 of Jesse’s latest Duelist Packs, you get the chance to pick up some of their awesome new cards! You also get a pack of Zane Truesdale Duelist Packs, featuring his favourite Cyber Dragon monsters!

The Duelist Pack Tins are also the only place to pick up Jaden’s wicked new card, ‘Card Ejector’ previously only available in Japan!

Check out the tins, available from the 5th of March in your favourite hobby store, and duel just like your favourite characters!


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