Thursday, January 24, 2008

WoW Championship Season Gets Underway – From The 27th January!

As announced on the official WOW TCG Website, , qualifiers for the UK & Ireland Group Championship will be held throughout February, March and April.

This means that all currently scheduled Regional Championships in February will be turned into Group Championship Qualifiers instead. March and April events are to be scheduled at a later date, but you can find existing dates and locations below!

Location Date Address Contact Email Event Type
Aldershot  24-Feb-08 The Games Shop, 6 Wellington Street Group Qualifier
Cardiff  27-Jan-08 Welsh Games Club, 72A Severn Grove  Regionals
Cork  26-Jan-08 Warpcon, UCC Regionals
Leicester  10-Feb-08 Phoenix Games, 51 Church Gate Group Qualifier
London  3-Feb-07 Bush Bash, Basement, 67 Lakeside Road Group Qualifier
Manchester  9-Feb-08 Fanboy 3, 17 Newton Street Group Qualifier
Milton Keynes  26-Jan-08 Centrecom, 602 North Row, Seclow Gate West Regionals
Sheffield  3-Feb-08 Patriot Games, 1-2 Lady's Bridge  Group Qualifier
Shrewsbury  17-Feb-08 Telepost Club, Town Walls Group Qualifier


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