Thursday, January 24, 2008

This Month’s Tips

Spell Counters: Some cards gain Spell Counters each time a Spell Card is activated. A Spell Counter is a numerical marker on a card, and normally can be represented by coins, glass beads, or any such small item.

It is good to play many of the cards that require Spell Counters if you are going to play any at all. This is because each card on the field will receive its own Spell Counter for each single Spell Card activated.

Control Strategy: A Control Strategy is a plan for winning a Duel by limiting the moves your opponent can make. “Spell Canceller” is an Effect Monster that prohibits both players from using Spell Cards, which works well in any Control Strategy.

You make it work to your advantage by constructing your Deck with only Trap Cards and Effect Monsters, so “Spell Canceller” will have no negative effect on you, but limit one whole type of card for your opponent.

Mudora: “Mudora” is the main monster of a Fairy-Type Deck. Its ATK increases by 200 for each Fairy-type monster in your graveyard, so it is a good combo with cards that activate by discarding from your hand.

Strengthen its power even more with “Cestus of Dagla”. Then, when you inflict damage to your opponent, you will increase your Life Points too, so you can go forward with an advantage in Life Points.


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