Thursday, January 24, 2008

Latest World of Warcraft Releases

Magtheridon’s Lair Raid Deck – Out Now!

The next instalment in the WoW TCG sees the devastating Magtheridon take on all challengers in the latest Raid Deck!

Join together with friends to form a raiding party, and take on the ultra-powerful Magtheridon and his minions to win some cool treasure – including Loot™ cards from the Fire of Outland™ set! This means you could even pick up an awesome Spectral Tiger!

You can also play as Magtheridon and fight off the pathetic attempts of those so-called heroes! Get some friends together and get ready to do battle, as you enter Magtheridon’s Lair!

Dan Scott Collectible Tin – Out Now!

January sees the release of the final World of Warcraft Collectible Tins, this time with the renowned artist Dan Scott providing the unique artwork.

These limited edition signature tins come complete with 4 card dividers featuring artwork from the WoW TCG artists and the 2 tins fit together to create a fantastic collectible piece of artwork.

Collect the other tins from Alex Horley and Clint Langley to complete your collection and own this unique collection of WoW artwork!


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